Parish Renewal

Discernment and Decisions

Parish teams selected by the pastors meet with other parish teams in their grouping to pray and reflect upon the current realities of their communities. The archdiocese and the grouping teams develop scenarios that show potential models of how parishes and schools in that grouping could be configured in the future.

How it Works

A selected team known as the grouping feedback and discernment team will reflect upon and discuss these scenarios and how their grouping can best work together in the future. This team consults with their parish communities for feedback on the various scenarios for the grouping. An archdiocesan commission reviews the pastoral rationale and makes a recommendation to Cardinal Cupich.

This phase concludes when Cardinal Cupich makes his final decisions regarding any structural changes affecting the grouping based on the recommendations and information he has received from each grouping, the presbyteral council, and the archdiocesan commission.

What can I expect? 

  • Grouping Conversations: 
    • Grouping leaders discuss the strengths and challenges within each of our faith communities, review the facts about the situation within the grouping’s communities, and discern feedback on the pros and cons of each possible scenario. 
    • Feedback and insights are incorporated into a pastoral rationale summary report, which is submitted to the Archdiocesan Renew My Church Commission. The Commission then makes a recommendation to Cardinal Cupich 
  • Parish Conversations: 
    • Meetings take place between grouping leaders and their respective parishes 
    • Parishioners are informed about what is being discussed 
    • Parishioners can ask questions about the grouping feedback and discernment team’s progress and process 
    • Parishioners provide input to the team that inform the feedback summary report for the commission and Cardinal
  • Decrees:
    • Once a decision has been made, the Cardinal will issue a formal decree to communicate changes to parish configurations.