Leading in a Renewed Church


As we find ourselves in this post-Christian “New Apostolic Age,” many of the pastoral methods and practices that we relied on in the past are not as effective as they once were for leading people to faith and building and nourishing disciples in community. We need to recognize that a radical change is required at a personal and communal level for this new deeper calling to work with the risen Lord as He renews the Catholic Church for the 21st century.

The call to leadership and renewal requires humility and an openness to new learning as we re-equip ourselves and each other to make disciples, build communities, and inspire witness with the risen Lord.

Leading in a Renewed Church is being designed and developed by a group of priests, lay leaders and college and university faculty in partnership with our local leaders. Our goal is to provide spirit-filled, highly effective leadership development experiences for clergy and lay ministry leaders in activated parishes – to give you the resources you need to build and sustain a powerful “New Reality” within each of our parishes.


Leading in a Renewed Church is envisioned to focus on three dimensions that we see as vital to leading renewal in parishes. The content will be delivered over the course of 18–24 months through seven separate modules. 

Spiritual Foundations

Renew My Church is a movement of Catholic renewal and the starting point for all leaders is a deep engagement with its spiritual foundations. Learning modules include:

1. Individual call to Missionary Discipleship
2. Cultivating Community, Communion, Communio our parishes

Equipping Leaders

To build vital and contagious New Reality in our parishes, priests, deacons and lay leaders must nurture a culture of outreach, learn and practice new types of collaborative leadership, and build new organizational capabilities. Learning modules include:

3. Nurturing parish cultures of evangelization and witness
4. Staffing and leading collaborative parish teams
5. Building organizational capabilities central to vital parishes

Context And Collaboration

The RMC vision requires a strong connection between our parishes, within the archdiocese, and as part of the Global Church. Parishes must partner with one another and the archdiocese to engage the challenges and opportunities facing the 21st century Church. Learning modules include:

6. Catholicism: Navigating the 21st century cultural reality
7. Partnering with other parishes and the archdiocese