Prayer Resources


On September 25, 2023, we gathered in Rosemont for the Archdiocesan Day of Renewal. It was in the spirit of renewal that we asked all parishes to prayerfully support their pastors, staffs and leaders on that day. This was an opportunity for parish communities across the Archdiocese to be united in prayer – praying for the Holy Spirit, praying for renewal, praying that their leaders would be inspired and emboldened. Those participating in the day at Rosemont undoubtedly felt upheld, supported and indeed invigorated knowing that their parishioners were specifically praying for them throughout the day, and knowing that the whole Archdiocese was being held in prayer as we asked the Spirit to renew us in our faith, renew us in our discipleship and to “change the face of the earth.”

However, this day was not just for parish leaders. This was a day for all in the Archdiocese to come together in prayer for renewal. Six parishes, one in each Vicariate who regularly schedule Eucharistic Adoration, committed that all adorers on September 25 would hold the Archdiocesan Day of Renewal in their intentions during their adoration.

Individual / small group reflection for the day of renewal

The Prayer Resource can be used by individuals or small groups in the parish. Based on the Ezekiel Reading of the dry bones, it offers the opportunity to pray with the reading, verse by verse. Individuals or small groups can use it as a basis for their prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to fill them and their parish leaders with faith and the courage to share that faith.

Example prayers for renewal in parish life (PDF)