Why Renewal is Needed

What about the nones?

In surveys asking people about what religion or faith they hold, increasingly people select “none.” They are the unaffiliated, those with no religion and no specific faith.

That being said, we also know these people are searching:

  • 75% of Americans want to grow spiritually
  • 22% of Americans call themselves “spiritual but not religious”

We know the answer to this desire to grow spiritually: Jesus Christ.

  • He is our hope, and we are called as His disciples to bring that hope to others.
  • Our culture, our communities, our families are ripe for those who are called and sent, all of us as missionary disciples.

How Did We Get Here?

Every generation experiences challenges in faith and in this day and age, secularism has seemed to push God out of the picture, forcing us to focus on popular imagination. Secular culture leads us to think that all we have is ourselves and this moment and has also led to breakdowns of family life, respect for life, and a whole host of social ills including violence in our communities, depression, loneliness, isolation and despair. We need healing and redemption in Jesus Christ now more than ever.

Models of Evangelization and Parish Life Need to Change

Today, many people do not know Jesus Christ and often reject Him and His Church without knowing who He really is. Even many believers in the Church have a weak sense of who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him as a disciple. We cannot assume that faith will automatically be handed on to a new generation. We must proclaim the Gospel in new ways.

Inspiration from our Holy Fathers

Since the Second Vatican Council, our Holy Fathers have been clear: We must bring a world in need into an encounter with the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ. We take inspiration from their teachings and reminders, which affirm each other and offer a consistent exhortation to renew the face of the earth through evangelization and missionary discipleship.