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Renew My Church Summit

Thank you for making our October 2018 Summit a success!

Our Journey Together

RMC Journey Map
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We are pilgrims within a pilgrim Church journeying together and accompanying one another, as disciples of Jesus Christ. Captured in this large graphic – our RMC Journey Map – developed during our two days together in early October are the many ideas, hopes, concerns, fears, loves, and prayers we shared. We encourage you to print it out, use it as a screen saver, continue to return to just as we do with the San Damiano cross, and allow the Lord to place something new upon your heart with each prayer..



Share the Vision of Renew My Church

Use the Renew My Church Summit Video and Discussion Guide (which includes reflections, discussion questions, and links to videos of the talks from the Summit) to allow your larger parish community to experience the content of the Summit discussions. The guide and videos are developed for parish-wide or small group discussions:

Attendee Positive Feedback

Attendees found the experience and meeting discussions enlightening and uplifting. Positive feedback centered on acknowledging the need for change (and that change can be a good thing), understanding the differences between method vs. mission, the role of the Holy Spirit in moving us to change and evangelize our world, the important and necessary cooperation of laity in leading our Church forward, and the place of prayer, discernment, and trust in the process of renewal.

Ninety-eight percent of you felt that we achieved incredible hospitality during the Summit. Our prayer is that everyone who steps into our parishes receives that same level of welcome and hospitality – let us imagine together what kind of welcome that would be for people seeking Jesus Christ in our Church or what kind of homecoming that would feel like for returning, lapsed Catholics!

Continuing to Make Improvements

Your feedback provided constructive challenges to the summit experience particularly in the need to better reflect the rich diversity of our archdiocese, as well as providing a balanced blend of traditional Catholic piety/music and contemporary settings for liturgy and praise. Our rich, Catholic Tradition holds a deep treasure trove of spirituality, expressions of prayer, and liturgical music, which, under the guidance of our Lord has continued to grow throughout the ages. Ensuring that everyone feels connected to who is speaking and what is offered through our liturgies is important feedback – thank you!