Leadership Circle

The RMC Pastoral Leadership Circle is a six-session pilot program, designed in collaboration with Divine Renovation Ministries, to provide priests and pastoral teams with greater understanding and practical tools to apply the insights and principles discussed at the Renew My Church Summit. Participants commit to the work of personal and communal conversion, receive onsite coaching in building a strong parish leadership team, and co-create a learning community for mutual support. The program is not a substitute for participation in the RMC parish grouping process. Rather, it provides training and support for parishes who want to more fully engage the mission of Renew My Church now.

Session Content 

The content of the facilitated and group work/discussion sessions will be based on the resources provided by Amazing Parish, Divine Renovation Ministries, Gallup Consulting Group, Church’s documents and archdiocesan best practices. Teams participating in this program will be provided with videos and resources to review and discuss in-between the sessions.

2018/2019 Pilot Program

All parishes not already activated in the Renew My Church parish grouping process were invited to apply for participation. A select number of priests and pastoral teams were selected for the pilot program, which runs between November 2018 and June 2019. Based upon the experience of these initial parishes, future sessions will be determined.