Imagine a parish…

  • fully alive and growing with a clear sense of mission to form new disciples of Jesus Christ, renew the community around it and witness to the love of God in inspiring ways.
  • filled with engaged parishioners deepening their relationship with God and sharing their faith with others.
  • where everyone, regardless of their background, current state in life or relationship with God and His Catholic Church feel a strong sense of belonging and that there is a place for them in the parish.
  • in which Masses and liturgies are so vibrant that the “Sunday experience” is transformative for all - old, young, regular parishioners and guests.
  • that looks beyond its church building and parking lot to bring the healing grace of Jesus Christ to the world and address with greater intentionality the ills of our age.

This is what renewal will – and is beginning to – look like in the Archdiocese of Chicago as more parishes engage in this movement of the Holy Spirit through the five strategies of renewal

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