Parish Renewal

Operations Transition

When decisions are made, resulting in structural changes to the grouping parishes a dedicated support team from the archdiocese works on-site to help pastors and parish leaders manage the transition and ensure newly configured parishes have strong, sustainable operational foundations and resources, upon which the great work of ministry can be built to achieve our mission imperatives.

How it Works

Every parish will experience change in a different way. The archdiocese supports all the parishes undergoing change with a dedicated support team who works on-site to help pastors and parish leaders:

  • form exceptional leadership teams to assist the Pastor.
  • streamline financial operations to ensure resources for ministry.
  • create viable and sustainable facility plans.

What can I expect?

On-site support from the archdiocese, including:

  • Project Management to help coordinate parish unification activities related to structural changes
  • Finance, facilities, and staffing guidance from experienced and dedicated subject matter experts
  • Pastoral accompaniment for the parish as everyone adjusts to the changes