Parish Renewal

Renewal Depends on You.

Everyone is needed to support the renewal of our local Church. Renewal is an invitation for every person and every parish in the archdiocese.


What’s needed to renew the Church is both wonderfully simple, yet beautifully rich at the same time.


Each time we seek a new encounter with God, we grow as His disciples. And our own discipleship is the most fundamental imperative in the renewal of our Church.

  • Participate in a faith formation program at your parish, such as Alpha (if offered). Alpha is a designed for people to be (re) introduced to the love of God through Jesus Christ and His Church. Whether you are a lifelong Catholic or seeking God for the first time, something like Alpha can profoundly deepen your faith life. Find a listing of Chicago-area Alpha sessions here. If you have already missed the start of a session, please check back for additional dates; Alpha is offered throughout the year. You can also add your information to our waiting list, just click here, and we will reach out to you before the start of the next session in your area.
  • Read and discuss Divine Renovation by Father James Mallon. If reading with a group, use the archdiocesan-specific discussion guide available in English, Spanish and Polish.
  • Share takeaways and Renew My Church Summit videos with a broader set of people in your parish community (councils, parish groups, school boards, etc.) to help them internalize the vision of Renew My Church.


By sharing our faith and our great joy at being followers of Jesus, we help fulfill the mission of bringing more people into a life-giving encounter with our Lord and His Church.

  • Sign up for the quarterly email newsletter – a source of ongoing inspiration and invitation as we journey together in this movement of renewal.
  • Talk about your faith. That’s right – talk about it. Your relationship with Jesus. Your reliance on the sacraments. The joy and/or peace you find in prayer. You may be familiar with the saying, “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” Guess what – it’s time to use words. Your spouse, your children, your grandchildren, your friends, coworkers, neighbors all need you to speak about the source of all love, truth, beauty and goodness at work in your life. They need you to talk about your faith in Jesus Christ and His Church. For the anxious and weary (and we are many), here is a helpful resource on how to share your faith - and more will be added!